043: Teddy Macker Reads “A Poem For My Daughter” (Author of ‘This World’)

043: Teddy Macker Reads "A Poem For My Daughter"

Mark, reading the poetry of Teddy Macker who I will interview on Monday. His poetry stops time. Equal parts Wendell Berry, Gary Snyder, St. Francis and yet completely his own man. I can’t recommend him enough. His ‘Poem For My Daughter’ was my gateway, and the tears haven’t stopped since. I’ve put a copy of his book, This World, in the mail for you. Best read in the still of night when the boys are in bed and a taste of whisky is not far from your lips.”

What you just heard was a text I sent my brother before I interviewed the orchardist, college lecturer and poet, Teddy Macker. This mini-episode is just a taste of Teddy’s poetry. My full interview with Teddy Macker will be released tomorrow (and it includes more poems too). So for now, sit back, sip on something slowly and let Teddy’s words wash over you…here is Teddy Macker reading ‘A Poem for My Daughter’ from his book, This World.

You can learn more about Teddy by reading This World.

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Resource by Teddy Macker


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