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You will find all of the episodes below, listed from youngest to oldest.

(MiniSeries, Episode 1) Practice Without Preaching: Creating a Family Spirituality with Ali Kirkpatrick

(MiniSeries, Introduction) Practice Without Preaching: Creating a Family Spirituality with Ali Kirkpatrick

047: Mystic Soul Project and the Essence of Deep Spirituality with Teresa Pasquale Mateus

046: Ordinary Mystic & Contemplative Shoveler (Mark Longhurst Interviews Host Paul Swanson)

045: A Handbook to Midlife: Philosophical Tools, Wisdom & Avoiding the Midlife Crisis with Kieran Setiya (author of Midlife: A Philosophical Guide)

044: Enlightenment Through Endarkment, or Bumbling Our Way to Possible Magic with Teddy Macker (Author of ‘This World’)

043: Teddy Macker Reads “A Poem For My Daughter” (Author of ‘This World’)

042: Be Open to the Unexpected and Find Pure Presence with Tracy Cochran (Editor at Parabola Magazine)

041: Cal Newport on Kindling an Examined Life Through Deep Work (author of Deep Work)

(Bonus Episode!) Dr. Barbara Holmes from 2016 in Celebration of the Revised Edition of Her Book, Joy Unspeakable

040: Mindfulness in the Christian Tradition with Dr. Amy Oden (author of Right Here, Right Now: The Practice of Christian Mindfulness)

038: The Enneagram as a Tool for Excavating Your Essence with Chris Heuertz (Author of The Sacred Enneagram)

037: Exploring the Silence and Laughter of Eternity with Carl McColman

036: Thomas Merton, Wisdom Sophia and a Dash of Pink Floyd with Christopher Pramuk

(Bonus Episode! Voicemail Series Edition) Tasha Wahl on Discovering a God of Love in ‘The Shack’

035: Ecstatic Experiences for the Spiritually Mediocre with Jules Evans (Philosopher and Author of The Art of Losing Control: A Philosopher’s Search for Ecstatic Experience)

034: The Wendell Berry Way of Seeing: Filmmaker Laura Dunn on ‘Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry’

033: The Buddhist Monk Who Adopted 85 Children: Filmmaker Andrew Hinton on His Documentary ‘Tashi and the Monk’

(Bonus!) Titans of Inaction: The Graduation Address

032: Lodro Rinzler: When Work Becomes Meditation Practice

(Bonus! Practice Episode) Contemplating the Universe

031: Becoming Esteemed Ancestors with a Cosmic Vision – Nancy Ellen Abrams (author of A God That Could Be Real)

030: David Michie: Meditate to Know Thyself (Author of The Dalai Lama’s Cat and Hurry Up and Meditate)

029: Scott Hartley: The Future Needs Philosophers (Author of The Fuzzy and the Techie: Why The Liberal Arts will Rule the Digital World)

028: Washing Dishes with Thich Nhat Hahn and Hitchhiking to Thomas Merton: Jim Forest on a Life Worthy of Such Friendships

027: Art is Resonance: The Ambient Internal Landscape of Musician and Ecopsychologist Russell James Pyle

026: In Rhythm with Life: Alana Levandoski on Being a Contemplative Artisan and Collaborating with James Finley

025: The Priest of the Woods and the Fullness of the Earth with Stephen Blackmer

024: The Contemplative Hint: Seeking to Say the Unsayable within Christianity with Rev. Dr. Peter Traben Haas

023: The Generous Cadence of the Singer of Solitude: Kevin Dann on Henry David Thoreau (Author of Expect Great Things: The Life and Search of Henry David Thoreau)

022: A Clear Life – Charlie Parr on Harlan Hubbard’s Payne Hollow: Life on the Fringe of Society

021: Minimalist Parenting and Cultivating a Family Dynamic with Christine Koh

020: A Syllabus for Newfound Seriousness with Christy Wampole

019: Voicemail – Seeing the World Through a Lens of Awe: Brie Stoner on Pablo Neruda

018: The Past Has Arms: Risking Relationship with Ourselves So We Can Grow Up with James Hollis, PhD

017: Voicemails – Alison Kirkpatrick on The Conscious Parent / Mark Longhurst on The Brothers Karamazov

016: The Other is Us: Connecting to Knowledge, Wisdom and One Another with Barbara A. Holmes

015: Raghu Markus on How John Coltrane, Ram Dass and a Healthy Dose of Self-Inquiry Can Transform Your Life

014: The Courage to Be Present: Moving the World Towards Compassion with Marianne Elliot (Activist, Author, Yoga Teacher, Ultramarathon Runner)

013: Filmmaker and Cultural Anthropologist Jenny Phillips on the Wisdom Found Behind (and Beyond) Prison Bars

012: Your Teacher’s Teacher: Mirka Knaster on the Dharma, Quirks and Stories of Munindra (Teacher of Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Kamala Masters and many more)

011: Trailblazing in Academia, David Germano on the Contemplative Sciences

010: Radical Dharma with Lama Rod Owens:  A Fresh Approach to Enlightenment and Social Change

009: Spiritual Wanderings: The Natural Curiosity of T.D. Mischke

008: Sit in Your Shack, and Your Shack Will Teach You Everything, Dialogues with Andrew Gingerich

007: Growing Basil and the Art of Eavesdropping, Dar Williams on Building Community through Positive Proximity

006: Creating Empty Spaces, Toinette Lippe on the Mindful Art of Being

005: The Life and Art of Thomas Merton, Morgan Atkinson on Crafting the Contemplative Documentary

004 Simone Weil: Attention, the Agent of Love with Eric O. Springsted

003: Democracy of the Cosmos: John Muir’s Prophetic & Moral Vision with Donald Worster (Author and Scholar)

002: Julian of Norwich: Loving Without Annihilating Difference with Amy Frykholm (author, editor @ChristianCent, poet)

001: Drinking Beer with Thomas Merton to Kindle the Examined Life

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