NonRequired Reading

Read anything good lately?

This favorite question of mine is the premise of the monthly Contemplify Nonrequired Reading List Email.

Each month, I recommend 2-3 readings that are deeply resonating with me (and a brief synopsis of why they are worth your time) via this private email list.

The goal of these recommendations is to give you a brief synopsis of why these readings (books, articles, etchings on bathroom stall doors, etc.) are worth your time and on the rare occasion change your life. Additionally, at the bottom of each month’s email will be links to the show notes from the most recent podcasts.

Contemplify yourself and your bookshelf.

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I am a voracious reader, and thanks to the work that I do for a living—as a Contemplative Educator—I am immersed in reading all types of contemplative books (ancient texts, commentaries, modern takes and memoirs) that don’t usually cross most reading lists.

By the by, I do respond to each email reply from the Contemplify Nonrequired Reading List Email as I am just as curious to know what you are reading and thinking about.